Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Series 7: Should you upgrade?

Overall the Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7 are pretty similar. They both have a ton of health features, fitness-tracking capabilities, and function as extensions of your iPhone to help you get more done. The biggest differences are the few key features Apple has added to the Apple Watch Series 8. Still, those features may not be worth upgrading for if you’re happy with your current Apple Watch Series 7. Let’s dive in and find out all the differences.

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Series 7: Design, finishes, and colors

If you just glanced at the two models, you might be unable to tell them apart since the design is the same. Both models come in two case sizes —  41mm and 45mm — and are the same weight, meaning those extra temperature sensors in the Series 8 don’t mean you need to deal with a heavier watch.

The models differ in the options you have when it comes to finishes and colors. The Apple Watch Series 8 only comes in aluminum and stainless steel finishes, whereas the Series 7 also offers a titanium option. Of course, we know now that’s because the titanium finish is now reserved for the new Apple Watch Ultra (opens in new tab).

The Series 7 also had more color options on the aluminum models, offering blue, green, red, Starlight, and Midnight. The Series 8 has dropped the green and blue options but kept the red, Starlight, and Midnight, while also adding a silver option. Both models have the same color choices when it comes to the stainless steel models. 

Apple Watch Series 8 vs. Series 7: Spec sheet

Apple Watch 8 colors

(Image credit: Apple)

Once you get into the finer details, the differences between the two devices do become a little clearer and less cosmetic. The Apple Watch Series 8 has a few new big features, but it’s also got a big upgrade inside.

Series 8 Series 7
Case sizes 41mm and 45mm 41mm and 45mm
Processor S8 S7
Blood Oxygen app Yes Yes
ECG app Yes Yes
Fall detection Yes Yes
Crash Detection Yes No
Temperature Sensor Yes No
Low-power mode Yes No
Entry-level GPS $399 $399
Entry-level Cellular $499 $429

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