Apple Watch Pro rumors: Everything you need to know

We know that come September 7, 2022, Apple will unveil its newest iPhone and Apple Watch models to the world at its Far Out event. With the event just around the corner, the rumor mill is churning about what Apple could announce that day, and an Apple Watch Pro has been mentioned numerous times.

While many details are missing from what an Apple Watch Pro will be, we have heard a few rumors worth diving into before launch. Here’s everything you need to know about the rumored Apple Watch Pro. 

Apple Watch Pro: Is that the name?

There’s been a few names thrown out in the past, including Apple Watch Explorer Edition or Extreme Sports edition, but most recently, it’s been Apple Watch Pro. Mark Gurman suggested that the company will likely use its “Pro” branding (opens in new tab), like many of its other products, and simply call it the Apple Watch Pro.

In fact, it was also Mark Gurman that said the name Explorer Edition was what Apple was calling the device internally (opens in new tab) back in March. We know from past experience that what Apple refers to as products internally is not always what the product is called once it hits the shelves for consumers.

Whether it’s Apple Watch Pro or Apple Watch Explorer Edition, it should have some key differences from the standard Apple Watch Series 8 (opens in new tab)model. 

Apple Watch Pro: Design and finishes

(Image credit: Jon Prosser/Ian Zelbo)

According to Mark Gurman, the Apple Watch Pro model might be the first model to get a major redesign (opens in new tab) since 2018. You may remember that before the Apple Watch Series 7 (opens in new tab) launched last year, there was lots of talk about a later and more squared-off design. However, Gurman says he believes the redesign will still be shaped similarly to what we have seen before.  

In addition, Gurman predicts that the Apple Watch Pro will feature a 7% larger display and a titanium housing as the standard. This also fits in with the rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 8 ditching the option of a titanium finish altogether so that it can be reserved for the Pro model of the device. 

Apple Watch Pro: Battery life improvements

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