Apple Watch 7 vs. Galaxy Watch 5: The one watch to rule them all (for now)


It’s (almost) one of the biggest battles of the year: Samsung has announced its latest line-up of smartwatches, including the Galaxy Watch 5. It looks to upgrade its predecessor in a few key ways — battery life, durability, and health tracking. It’s not out yet, so we haven’t been able to have a proper play with it, but we’re still stacking it up against our favorite current smartwatch: the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Series 7 was a marginal update over the Series 6, bringing some extra screen space and a brighter always-on display. At the moment, we think it still beats out the Galaxy Watch offering in a few key areas, but it’s closer than ever. Honestly, though, it really comes down to which platform your phone runs on — for iPhone users, the Apple Watch is the clear winner — while the Samsung offering won’t work with your iPhone. For Android users, the picture becomes a little fuzzier. While we’d still say the Apple Watch is more feature-packed and nicer to use, the Galaxy Watch is more closely related to the Android system, bringing more ways to interact with your watch with an Android handset.


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