Apple Watch 40mm vs. 44mm: What size Apple Watch should you get?

When you choose an Apple Watch, not only do you need to think about the materials, colors, and watch band, but also the size. Thankfully, Apple’s different watch sizes don’t come with any change in either functionality or capability, so the only thing you need to decide on is which size is best for you and your wrist. 

Apple Watch 40mm vs. 44mm: Time to compare

Unlike traditional watches, which measure case size horizontally, Apple measures the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6, and Series 7 vertically. The smaller of the two Apple Watch sizes has a height of 40mm; the larger, 44mm. When it comes to width, the smaller Apple Watch is 34mm wide; the larger, 38mm. When comparing Apple Watch 40mm vs. 44mm, below are the details of the dimensions.

44mm 40mm
Display area 977 sq mm 759 sq mm
Display size 448×368 pixels 394×324 pixels
Official Apple band exclusives 3 3
Entry-level GPS $279 $309
Entry-level Cellular $329 $359

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