Apple TV’s closest rival is now $50 off for a Fire TV deal at Amazon

Fancy a good alternative to the Apple TV? The Fire TV Cube is a great little piece of kit that hooks up to your TV and provides all the streaming services you could need. Of course, being an Amazon product, it is mostly built with Prime as the main way of watching your TV, but there are other apps and streaming services that are available. This deal currently puts it at $70, a full $50 off full price.

Amazon Fire TV cube $50 off

The Fire TV Cube is the most expensive of the Fire TV line, standing above the Sticks with more features than its smaller, less powerful siblings. There’s a lot on board here for the cinephile or those with more elaborate TV setups. Strong support for Dolby Atmos and other surround sound standards is always a boon for those with chunkier sound systems, and better 4K support will make TV shows and movies look better too. The more powerful processor underneath will handle Dolby Vision better, too, as well as run heavier games with ease.

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