Apple TV+ has the highest rated content across all streaming services


Apple TV+ is still only a couple of years old, and many point to the comparable lack of content on its service, but its strategy seems to be working on for the company.

According to a new report from Self, a personal finance analytics firm, Apple TV+ has the highest-rated content across all of the streaming services. The report, which gathered user ratings on shows and movies, compared most of the big streaming services like Apple TV+, Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock, Hulu, Prime Video, and Paramount+.

While Apple experienced a drop in the average rating of its content when compared to last year, it still retained the top spot with HBO Max and Disney+ coming in second and third, respectively.

Apple TV+ had the highest point decrease (0.16), while Hulu had the lowest (0.02), but overall, the content on offer from these platforms had not decreased in any significant way.

In addition to achieving the highest-rated content, Apple TV+ also increased its content by the largest percentage. According to the data, Apple increased its content offering by almost 56%. Netflix, however, still offers the most content on its streaming service.

Looking at the same period of time, the study highlighted approximately how much content is on each platform and how that has changed. Apple TV+ had the highest percentage increase (55.78%) in the content it offers, however, Netflix increased its library by the highest amount (1,404), followed by Disney+ (469).

Apple TV+ is surely not stopping anytime soon. It has new series and films as well as new seasons of shows coming out almost every week. Based on today’s report, the company’s strategy of putting out all original content, similar to the old HBO strategy, seems to be working out just fine for the streaming service.


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