Apple to begin shipping repaired iPhones in eco-friendly packaging


Apple has been making a number of eco-friendly moves over the years. From running its new campus on 100% renewable energy to its goal to become completely carbon neutral by 2030, the company has pioneered a number of environmentally friendly projects.

Its latest, while smaller than some, will still positively impact those looking for the company to make more eco-friendly choices. According to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors, Apple will start shipping repaired iPhone 12 models in a new brown box. The packaging will reportedly be plastic-free and made with “bleach-free paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.”

In the memo, Apple said it is trialing the new packaging for repaired iPhones as part of the company’s commitment to eliminate plastics in all packaging by 2025. In April, Apple announced that it had reduced plastic in its packaging by 75% since 2015, and said that plastics accounted for just 4% of the company’s packaging in 2021.

The eco-friendly packaging will be used for repaired iPhone 12 models shipped from Apple Repair Center depots to Apple Stores, Apple Authorized Service Providers, and/or directly to customers in the United States and other countries.

While the new packaging is being tested out as a trial for repaired iPhone 12 models, the company is likely to bring it to more iPhone models (and other products) that the company handles repairs for.

The company has three more years to make its goal of eliminating plastics from all of its packaging, so this latest move is another step in that direction.


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