Apple HomePod 2: Everything you need to know

Apple unveiled its brand new HomePod (2nd generation) on January 18, 2023. It looks just like the original HomePod from 2017 but boasts a few handy new features under the hood and a more agreeable $299 price tag. That includes support for Spatial Audio, and smart home features including a home temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and automation that can detect a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm and alert your iPhone. It also features the S7 chip. 

HomePod 2 (2023): Design

The new HomePod is identical in design to the old one. That means it is 6.8 inches high and 5.6 inches wide with a circular base. It weights 5.16 pounds, but that shouldn’t matter too much given this is not a portable device. 

HomePod 2 (2023): Audio

Apple HomePod 2

Two white homepods sitting on a television stand (Image credit: Apple)

The new HomePod has a 4-inch high-excursion woofer and five horn-loaded tweeters, each with its own neodymium magnet. Like the old one it has a microphone to correct bass and real-time tuning, as well as room sensing to adjust the sound based on its surroundings. 

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