Apple goes ‘behind the design’ of Apple Award Winner Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

As part of an ongoing series of pieces that looks at Apple Design Award (ADA) winners from this year’s WWDC22 event, Apple has taken a look “behind the design” of the popular game Gibbon: Beyond the Trees.

The title, which is available as part of the Apple Arcade game subscription service, is playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. It also won an ADA and is one of the most gorgeous games available today. In a new profile, Apple speaks to the team behind the game about what went into turning it into an App Store hit.

Developer Felix Bohatsch is co-founder of Broken Rules, the outfit behind the game.

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees turned out pretty well. Developed by Broken Rules, of which Bohatsch is a co-founder, Gibbon casts you as an ape who flings, swings, and slides their way through a beautifully realized landscape. The flinging-around-trees mechanic is unique, but easy to learn — even for earthbound humans.

Bohatsch says that “the goal was to create a flow state with the gameplay, where players get into the swinging and jumping without thinking too much about it.” It’s that flow that makes Gibbon: Beyond the Trees so fun to play while managing not to become frustrating.

The full profile is well worth a read and it’s fascinating to see the thoughts that went into making such a title. Apple Arcade subscribers can see what all the fuss is about for themselves by downloading Gibbon: Beyond the Trees for free today. Those who don’t yet have Apple Arcade should consider fixing that, either via the $4.99 per month subscription or as part of the Apple One bundle.

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