Apple Bans Using NFTs to Unlock Content, Features in Apps


Apple likewise certifies its longstanding arrangement forestalling connections to substitute installment strategies.

Apple continues to clarify its controversial stance on NFTs. 

The tech giant published updates to its App Store Review Guidelines on Monday with new language surrounding NFTs, according to Apple Insider. In short, NFTs are allowed to exist within apps on the App Store—but they can’t unlock additional features or content.

“Applications might use in-application buys to endlessly sell administrations connected with non-fungible tokens (NFTs, for example, stamping, pasting, and moving,” the new rules read. “Applications might permit clients to see their own NFTs, gave that NFT possession doesn’t open elements or usefulness inside the application.”

This may actually deter users from purchasing NFTs, as a main use case for NFTs is that they can sometimes unlock token-gated content. For example, the Moonbirds NFTs and Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs offer holders exclusive access to various communication channels, merchandise, and other such perks.

What’s more, designers aren’t permitted to make “buttons, outside joins, or different invitations to take action” that could advise clients how to avoid the Application Store to purchase NFTs through different stages. All things considered, the Application Store maintains that its clients should make in-application buys.

And paying in crypto is not an option.

Apple Bans Using NFTs to Unlock Content, Features in Apps
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The Application Store Survey Rules are significant because they let designers know what they can and can’t distribute to the Application Store. Disregarding such strategies could result in application dismissal or evacuation.

This most recent update multiplying down on in-application buys checks out, taking into account Apple recently reported it planned to take a heavy 30% cut of all NFTs sold in applications presented through its foundation.

A month prior, insight about the 30% NFT charge disheartened Legendary Games Chief and crypto ally Tim Sweeney, who said Apple “should be halted” because the move was “smashing another early innovation that could match its bizarrely overrated in-application installment administration.”

Past NFTs, Apple has likewise amended a portion of its language encompassing cryptographic money trade applications recorded on its Application Store.

“Applications might work with exchanges or transmissions of cryptographic money on a supported trade if they are offered exclusively in nations or districts where the application has proper permitting and consents to give a digital currency trade,” the rules state.

Apple has not yet responded to request for comment.


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