Apple Arcade vs. Google Play Pass: Which subscription service is better?


Netflix users know the feeling best: When you have access to a massive library of content, it’s tough to choose that one thing to watch. With a huge catalog comes the illusion of freedom — just because you have access to thousands of movies doesn’t mean you’ll actually like all but a few hundred. We opt into a service for catalog access and usually, with the help of an algorithm and a curated dashboard, can discover something new and exciting that makes spending that monthly fee worthwhile. It can feel like this excuses those hundreds of movies and TV shows you just don’t care about.

This may be why choosing the right gaming subscription service could be tough. If you’ve only got Apple or Android devices in your home, the choice is easy: Apple Arcade for Apple users, Google Play Pass for Android. But if you have, say, an iPad, and a Google phone, and you’d like to opt-in to a games subscription service, the call is tougher to make. 


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