Animal Crossing: New Horizons – The best gifts to give each villager

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the best Nintendo Switch games and has hundreds of villagers for you to meet, each with distinct personalities, catchphrases, and style. If you want to become great friends with them, one of the quickest ways to their heart is giving them presents. But just like in real life, picking out the perfect gift can be tricky. Luckily we’ve got a guide to help make your choices easier. Here are tips for giving out the best villager gifts.

How to give gifts

Acnh Best Gifts For Each Villager This Is For You

ACNH Best Gifts For Each Villager This Is For You (Image credit: iMore)

You build up a relationship with your villagers over time by talking to them regularly. Make sure to check in with everyone living in your village at least once a day. As a bonus, chatting with them might reveal some hints about the game or prompt them to give you a gift of a DIY recipe. Just make sure not to annoy them by talking to them too much. As a rule, you should probably back off after about five conversations.

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