An iPhone with ads isn’t an iPhone: Why ads will ruin the “premium” Apple experience

When Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone, it wasn’t just a revolutionary 3-in-1 device, as he described it. The iPhone set the gold standard for a cellular phone that wasn’t riddled with bloatware that was pre-installed by carriers, which was common at the time. The iPhone was always a “premium” experience and never tainted with ads. It set a new bar, and people flocked to it. Even Google now makes its own line of phones that it sells directly, similar to Apple, and they’re free of unnecessary cruft from carriers.

However, it appears that times are changing. Though Apple has been king in overall marketing to sell its hardware (think of the old iPod ads that were literally everywhere), it appears that the company is shifting gears toward making a viable platform for selling ads to others. In one of Mark Gurman’s recent Power On newsletters, he claims that Apple has begun working on adding search ads to Apple Maps, which may arrive as early as next year. Unlike traditional banner ads that you may see all over the web, these would be paid search results, similar to how the App Store displays ads when you search for apps. According to Gurman, Apple is also considering injecting ads into the “Today” tab on the App Store, along with the possibility of a “You May Also Like” section at the end of an app listing. There are also ads in Apple News and even the default Stocks app that comes built into your iPhone.

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