An Adams’ Thanksgiving featuring the eye of a sheep


Giving thanks everywhere

One Thanksgiving in the Negev’s earliest days, a tribal dinner was laid on in Israel for my husband Joey — president of the actors union AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists) whom JFK sent to help raise bonds for the then-infant country.

We sat cross-legged on the ground. Table? A blanket over dry earth. The tribal chief presented us a special tasty delicacy gift.

The eyes of a sheep.

A showman who knew many a magician, Joey managed to lose them in a pocket.

Tahiti. Civilization’s ago, I’m heading to Marlon Brando’s Tetiaroa home. South Pacific’s the site of the classic movie “Rain.” My cabin? Straw. It rained. I’m in bed. So they move me to another spot. More rain. My Thanksgiving gift? The cabin caved in on me.

By the time I got to Tetiaroa he’d left. His backyard? No flowers, no shrubs. One motorcycle. His live-in local beauty said she does all the cooking, fixing, washing, cleaning, repairing, moving, laundry — and whatever else Marlon wanted.

I did the as-told-to-me autobio of Indonesia’s first president, Sukarno. Columbus’ search was for the East Indies — 10,000 disparate islands, each with their own language — until Sukarno united them into one country.

His travels led us to the thick jungles of Surabaya. One Thanksgiving, I washed out of a soldier’s helmet.

For a modern NYC Thanksgiving, besides Radio City, St. Pat’s, Chinatown, Bronx Zoo, Central Park, Diamond Center, Freedom Tower, Statue of Liberty, Little Italy, uptown, downtown and the GodBlessUs NY Post, how about Monet’s garden?

Monet’s garden
Monet’s Garden at Giverny, by Claude Monet.
Mondadori Portfolio

Wall Street’s brought the French Impressionist’s paintings to life. In real time, Claude Monet’s tres stupide neighbors were unthrilled with his famous water lilies. Giverny’s bedeviled farmers wanted them moved — fearing the exotic plants would poison the water and endanger their cattle. The artist refused. The cows survived. The canvasses bloomed.

Our investments may be down, but Monet is up. This Thanksgiving visitors to Wall Street may view his greatest inspiration.

Florida man sees lots of his cash disappear

ONE more holiday thought.

Re-election documents disclosures report DeSantis’ net worth dropped 8.5%.

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis waves to supporters at the Republican Jewish Coalition Annual Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Nov. 19, 2022.
AFP via Getty Images

Only income is his gov’s $134,181 salary. Checking and savings accounts, $202,980. Thrift retirement plan, $89,066. Florida Retirement System, $48,226.

He sold his Ponte Vedra Beach home for $460,000 per St. Johns County property records. Running for gov, his reputed 2017 worth of $310,971 fell the next year.

Theater of absurd

ONE more. Income’s down, prices Oy! At West 47th’s Lena Horne Theatre — formerly the Brooks Atkinson — a bourbon on the rocks cost $90. No mixing, adding or flavoring — just plain pouring. Neat. A suggested tip was next mentioned.

Broadway's new Lena Horne Theatre
The Nederlander Organization’s unveiling of Broadway’s new Lena Horne Theatre on Nov. 1, 2022.
Getty Images

BUT comes the charm of life in a small city. To wish her happy holidays, this Madison Avenue guy phoned his elderly spinster aunt in a small town in Iowa. The local Iowa operator came on the line with “I don’t think she’s home. Her car’s gone.”

Only not in New York, kids, not in New York.


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