Amy Schumer accidentally ‘frees the nipple’ on Instagram, gets called out by Orlando Bloom – Socialite Life

On Monday, August 1, Amy Schumer showed a little too much skin in an Instagram selfie — and she was blatantly called out for the blunder by Orlando Bloom!

The snap showed her wearing a sleeveless top and standing next to an unidentified silver-haired man, but her shirt was situated a bit too low on one side, prompting the Aussie actor to comment, “Free the nipple” with a few laughing emojis.



The comedian, 41, wound up deleting the snap and hasn’t commented on the incident, though she’s been candid about her journey of self-love, confidence and body image.


Last year, she revealed she underwent liposuction after exercising and eating clean failed to help her drop the extra pounds.

“I want to feel the best I can about myself. It’s a lifelong thing,” the mom-of-one explained of her decision to go under the knife. “I used to really judge about people getting work done. Now I’m like, do everything you can to love yourself exactly as you are but once you hit 40 and have a c-section do whatever the f**k will make you feel best!”



The actress acknowledged that so many celebs secretly go under weight loss procedures, but she’d rather be candid about it instead of staying silent.

“Everybody on camera is doing this s**t I just wanted to be real about it,” she explained at the time. “It’s not about needing to be slamming, because I’ve never been famous for being hot, but I’d reached a place where I was tired of looking at myself in the mirror.”

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Orlando Bloom

In 2021, the Emmy nominee also had surgery for endometriosis due to years of abdominal pain, and during the process, doctors found that the “endometriosis had attacked” her appendix, so they removed that organ as well.

She updated fans this January, revealing she “finally” feels good, admitting her health woes and recovery were “a journey.”

Daily Mail was one of the first outlets to cover Schumer’s risqué snap.

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