Amazon sellers ‘frustrated’ as second Fall ’22 Prime Day event leaks

A new report claims that Amazon is planning to host a second Prime-exclusive shopping event later this year alongside its July 12 and 13 Amazon Prime day event.

A new report says that the event will be in the fourth quarter of 2022, either October, November, or December, and will at the very least contain limited-time lightning deals. From Business Insider

Amazon is planning to host a new shopping event later this year that appears to be similar to Prime Day, Insider has learned. But the short notice and a lack of information are frustrating some third-party sellers on the company’s marketplace.

The new sales push is called the Prime Fall Deal Event, according to Amazon messages to sellers, seen by Insider.

This ‘Prime Fall’ event doesn’t have a date yet, but in 2020 Amazon hosted its Prime Day sale on October 13 and 14, colliding with the iPhone 12 launch at the time because of pandemic-induced delays.

As the report notes, third-party sellers on Amazon are said to be frustrated because of a lack of information around the event and the very short notice, with companies required to submit Lightning deals by July 22 and ship any Amazon fulfillment orders by September 12.

The first round of Prime Day Apple deals will definitely go live on Amazon’s official summer Prime Day event, scheduled for July 12 and 13, where you can expect to pick up a bargain in the form of Prime Day AirPod deals, Prime Day iPad deals, Prime Day Apple Watch deals, Prime Day MacBook deals, and more.

Here at iMore, we’re not all too fussed about this planned October event, and it’s likely Amazon’s main summer event will be the best time to grab some deals in the coming months. It also seems unlikely that any Amazon Prime event in the fall will surpass Black Friday when it comes to savings.

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