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iPad’s command high prices – so finding a deal is often the name of the game! Prime Day is a great time to find a good price on iPad, with some of the best prices of previous years falling over the two days of Amazon’s sale. Here, you’ll find all the latest info on Prime Day deals on the likes of the massive screened iPad Pro, to the slim and light iPad Air.

While Prime Day is still some ways off, we’re dusting off last year’s deals and discounts to give you an idea of what to expect come Prime Day proper. We can’t guarantee that these prices will reflect this year’s deals perfectly, however, and it’s well worth popping this page in a bookmark and checking back closer to the big day – we’ll be keeping this page updated as and when we learn more.

That’s not to say there aren’t some great deals to be had right now – and for the more impatient among us, we’ve collected together some of the internet’s best prices and offers on iPads from around the web.

Not sure which iPad is for you? No worries, we’ve got you covered: we’ve tested them all and compared them in our comprehensive guide to the best iPad.

Current iPad deals

Absolutely need an iPad now? There are some great deals out there – here are just a few!

When are we going to see the Prime Day iPad deals?

Amazon has very recently let us know Prime Day 2022’s date – it’s 12 July – 13 July.

Am I going to need an Amazon Prime account for the Prime Day deals?

In a word, yes. In a few more words, you will need an Amazon Prime account for the very best Prime Day deals, but you may find some great deals that Amazon have made available for customers that don’t pay monthly for the privilege. Have a double check on a products page, and if it doesn’t say anything about Prime Day then you’ll be able to make use of the reduction without the need of an Amazon Prime account. Watch out elsewhere as well – often, many other retailers try to beat Amazon to the punch with some equally good deals.

In some cases in fact those deals can be better – pay close attention to the likes of Walmart and target who in previous years have bettered Amazon’s already pretty stellar deals. We’ll bring you highlights from other stores too of course.

There’s always Amazon’s 30 – day Prime trial that if you’ve not had before is certainly worth a look – especially around Prime Day. Not only will you have access to the Prime Day deals, you’ll have a chance to try out the free next day delivery and other perks exclusive to Amazon Prime subscribers.

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Amazon Prime

Grabbing a 30 day sample of Amazon Prime is really easy if you’ve not had the trial before – and you’ll not only get access to the Prime Day iPad deals, but also Amazon Prime video and Prime’s other benefits.

Best Prime Day iPad deals

The iPad (2021) is a super solid tablet option. It’s more powerful than the previous version, with some extra features to boot. As long as you’re not after anything too fancy, the 10.2-inch iPad will do just fine, playing games, taking notes and surfing with safari. It has had some great deals in the past, and Prime day looks to have some solid ones this year too.

iPad 10.2

2021 iPad 10.2-inch 64GB WiFi | Was $329 now $309 at Amazon

Plenty of storage here if you’re after a tablet companion, especially if you’re only after something that’ll stream TV, read books or browse socials.

View at Amazon

iPad 10.2

2021 iPad 10.2-inch 64GB WiFi and Cellular | Was $459 now $429 at Amazon

. The Cellular option will let you take your browsing on the go, untethered to a Wifi connection. This will need a cell plan to go with it, remember.

View at Amazon

Best iPad Air Prime Day deals

The iPad Air 5 is the latest iPad in the lineup, and brings Pro features to a more mid range price. It’ll handle games and other weightier workloads like it’s not bothered, and even do some light productivity tasks. With the M1 chip also found in the Pro line, it’s also able to do some photo and video editing – perfect for those holiday compilations, or even for professionals on a budget. It’s seen a few discounts since its release, but Prime Day should have the best.

Ipad Air 2020

2022 iPad Air 10.9-inch 64GB WiFi | Was $599 now $549 at Amazon

iPad Air takes Pro performance to a much lower price point – and this $50 off deal makes it even cheaper! 64GB should be plenty for a range of games, apps, photos and videos, while the Wifi only connection will keep it lower cost.

View at Amazon

iPad Air Starlight

2022 iPad Air 10.9-inch 64GB WiFi and Cellular | Was $749 now $712 at Amazon

With the extra cellular option, you can take your iPad on the go. As with all Cellular model iPads, you’ll need an extra cell plan so that it’ll connect to the network, so it’s worth bearing that in mind with the price.

View at Amazon

iPad Air Starlight

2022 iPad Air 10.9-inch 64GB WiFi and Cellular | Was $749 now $712 at Amazon

With the extra cellular option, you can take your iPad on the go. As with all Cellular model iPads, you’ll need an extra cell plan so that it’ll connect to the network, so it’s worth bearing that in mind with the price.

View at Amazon

iPad Air Space Gray

2022 iPad Air 10.9-inch 256GB WiFi | Was $749 now $679 at Amazon

This will give you some extra storage, allowing you to store more apps and videos. This option will be perfect for a creator on the go, who might need more on board storage for their projects.

View at Amazon

Prime Day iPad Mini deals

The iPad Mini is a great option for those who want something a little smaller. It’ll slip nicely into a bag, or into carry on luggage, and its size makes it perfect for one hand use. Its plenty powerful, with an A15 Bionic chip moving things along and a Liquid Retina display that dominates the bezel-less front. There have been some stellar deals on the iPad Mini since it’s release, with many over Prime Day.

Best iPad Pro deals

The iPad Pro is the biggest and most powerful of the line, and while the iPad Air may have caught up with its M1 chip, the Pro still has some tricks up its sleeve. The Liquid Retina displays are bigger, with two different size options in the case of an 11-inch model and a 12.9-inch model, the bigger of which features ProMotion which will make swiping and tapping smoother. The cameras are better as well, and if you hook it up to an external keyboard you’ve effectively got a laptop. If you’re looking for a keyboard, we’ve got the best keyboard covers for iPad Pro here.

Previous Prime Day iPad Deals

We’ve gathered and kept a hold of last year’s best iPad deals, and put them here for safe keeping. While they may not reflect Prime Day 2022’s iPad deals, they’ll give us an idea of what you might be able to expect from this year’s big day. Worth bearing in mind that these deals came around the same time as stock shortages, so retailers may well be more likely to give healthier discounts on some of these older models.

Ipad Pro 12 Inch Promo

The big one:
iPad Pro 12.9-inch

Big Powerhouse

Apple’s biggest and brightest tablet, designed to compete with laptops. It’s got the same M1 chip as the MacBook Pro 2020, and a dazzling Liquid Retina XDR display. If you’re quick, you can nab one for $100 off at Amazon.

$1,099 at Amazon

Ipad Pro 11 Inch Promo

The less big one:
iPad Pro 11-inch

Smaller Powerhouse

The iPad for the mobile professional with all the power of its bigger 12.9-inch sibling, but a smaller more portable screen. Currently available at Amazon for $50 off.

$749 at Amazon

Ipad Air Product Image

Lighter load:
iPad Air 2022

The newest one

The iPad Air 2020 is the most impressive yet – an M1 chip, a beatiful 10.9-inch screen, and a slick industrial design inspired by the pro. Despite being the newest model, it can currently be found on Amazon for a nice $40 off list price. Not too shabby.

$559 at Amazon

Ipad 10.2 Promo

Budget friendly:
iPad 10.2

The Classic

There’s a reason Apple keeps making the iPad with touch ID – because it’s still really good. No, maybe not as powerful as its brethren, but it is still a great option for streaming video, reading, or browsing the socials. Currently it’s $20 less on Amazon.

$309 at Amazon

Which iPad Prime Day deal is best for me?

There really is an iPad for everyone – from the small and light iPad Mini 8.3, to the massive and powerful iPad Pro 2021. But beyond price, how do you know which iPad, and iPad deal, is the one for you? We’ve put together some advice as to which iPad you might need, considering your use case.

Ipad Mini 6 Center Stage

Source: Rene Ritchie

The iPad Mini is a brilliant option if you’re after something slightly bigger than your phone, but not as big as some of the larger bag filling options. It’s small enought to fit in most bags (and some pockets, if you’re brave enough) and powerful enough for pretty much all your tablet needs. It’ll play games from Apple Arcade, run all your favourite streaming services for long, back of the car roadtrips, and even take pretty stellar photos should you need a bigger screen than your phone when you’re taking your shots on vactation. you can get one for $409 on Amazon right now.

Ipad Air 5 Split Screen

Source: Luke Filipowicz / iMore

Going bigger, and you’re looking at a couple of options. The iPad 10.2 is a really good size for mobile computing around the house, but it’s design is starting to age in relation to the rest of the range. It’s A13 processor is still plenty powerful however, and at $309 it offers some great bang for the buck. For a little over $200 more, you’ll get the brand new iPad Air 2022, a very impressive tablet. It’s slightly bigger at 10.9-inches, and a lot more powerful with an M1 chip within its slender frame. It’s worth the extra, honestly, and if you can afford the extra, then $549 at Amazon is an excellent price for Apple’s latest tablet.

12.9-inch iPad Pro

Source: Joseph Keller / iMore

For the iPad power user, the M1 iPad Pro line is not only an obvious option but a good one. These are Apple’s most powerful tablets on offer, bringing not only the laptop grade M1 chips to the table, but also a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina Pro XDR display. It’s accredited in the same way as Apple’s Pro Display XDR, and has even better HDR performance than previous iPad Pro screens. It does, however, come at a price premium – at Amazon, you’ll have to shell out $749 for the 11-inch version, and $999 for the 12.9-inch. The prices will also go up for the extra storage options, all the way up to an eye watering $2000.

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