Amazon Prime Day deals live: even more sale discounts for Apple gear on day two


Sony Bravia TV

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55-inch Sony Bravia XR A80J | $1,899 $999 at Best Buy

A last-minute surprise deal. Best Buy is joining in the Amazon Prime Day 2: Electric Boogaloo fun and offering $900 off the 55-inch Sony Bravia XR A80J!

This is an absolute steal at this price for a TV that is often compared to the excellent LG OLED C2. Its OLED panel is perfect for HDr content thanks to its insanely rich contrast, and the low input lag makes it a great TV for gaming of all kinds. 

Apple Watch Series 8

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Apple Watch Series 8: $399 $349 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Next up, an unlikely entry into the list from the all-new Apple Watch Series 8 (opens in new tab)(opens in new tab)! It’s only been available to purchase for a few weeks, so we weren’t expecting to see anything at all for Apple’s latest smartwatch line up. But here we are!

You’re looking at the GPS-only version of the Apple Watch in Midnight aluminum (with Midnight sports band), at the 41mm size. But that’s on sale with a $50 saving (opens in new tab)(opens in new tab), bringing the price down from $399 to a much more palatable $349 (opens in new tab)(opens in new tab).

Don’t expect to see this brand-new smartwatch reduced by much more than that for the rest of the year.

Western Digital deal

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WD 6TB Elements Desktop Drive + 4TB My Passport Portable Drive: $449.99 $219.98 at Amazon

One of the most expensive upgrades you can make at the point of purchase with a new MacBook is storage space — Apple charges a premium for its built-in SSD upgrades, and it’s a near-impossible job to increase it later on. So getting some extra external space for your MacBook is a must  — and this Prime Early Access sale offer on a Western Digital drive double whammy is a steal.

Combining two top-quality Western Digital drives in the form of the Elements Desktop and Passport Portable, this bundle offers 6TB and 4TB, respectively for a 10TB total of USB 3.0 storage satisfaction. That’s a saving of almost $230 against the usual combined price for both devices and comes with the peace of mind that the Western Digital brand brings with it, given it’s going to be storing your precious files, photos and documents.

Apple iPad Air 5

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iPad Air 2022 | $599 $518 at Amazon

The iPad Air is a very powerful piece of mobile tech. It’s run by an M1 chip that’s similar to what you might find in one of Apple’s MacBook line-ups and features a 10.9-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display. Its sleek industrial design is available in a range of cool colors, and if you want one, then Amazon currently has $80 off the full price!

Apple TV 4K and Siri Remote in front of a TV

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2021 Apple TV 4K (32GB) | $179 $110 at Amazon
2021 Apple TV 4K (64GB)| $199 $130 at Amazon

 The Apple TV does everything you could want a streamer to do. It’ll run Apple Arcade games, play all your favorite Apple TV+ content, and look good doing it. Yes, it is a lot more expensive than its competitors, but it’s also a whole lot more premium, with its premium aluminum casing and excellent, solid remote control with Siri built-in. When it drops in price, it’s well worth picking one up – it’s a stunning little streamer. 

Get the 32GB model for nearly 40% off, or spring for all the storage you can get and save 35%!

Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker

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Marshall Emberton | $169 now $114 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

We love the Marshall Emberton Bluetooth speaker here at iMore. It’s retro, but its classic design gives it an iconic look, while the sound it manages to pump out is pretty damn good.

If you enjoy a powerful sound and long battery life (a must in a good Bluetooth speaker), then picking up a Marshall Emberton for 33% off is a no-brainer. 

Bose NC700

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Bose NC700 | $379 $269 at Amazon

In the Bose Headphone lineup, the NC700 are the prettier option. And they are very attractive headphones with a sweeping band and slick-looking earcups. They also happen to sound really good and block a great deal of noise when the NC in the name is turned on. Created with a more designer look in mind, they also usually come with a more designer price stage – although this Prime Early Access sale has brought the price down significantly. There’s a $110 reduction, making them $269, and their lowest price ever. 

AirPods Pro 2

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AirPods Pro 2 | $249 now $234 at Amazon

You may wonder why we would highlight a deal of only $15 off, but if you’ve followed Apple as long as we have, you’d know that sales on new items are rare. Even from Amazon (which loves discounting everything), when an Apple Product is only a few months old (weeks in this case), you know you’ll pay the total price.

That’s why we think snagging a pair of AirPods Pro 2 (opens in new tab) with increased battery life, improved sound performance, and the all-new Adaptive Transparency features are one of the best Apple deals you’ll find today.

MacBook Air M1

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MacBook Air M1 | $999 now $799 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

The 2020 M1 MacBook Air is still an absolutely amazing machine, and no one can argue that. The ultra-portable laptop is slim and sleek while having enough power inside to easily handle all your daily tasks.

This particular model comes with 256GB of SSD storage and staggering battery life thanks to the power efficiency of M1, up to 18 hours of usage at a push. This is the best deal for anyone looking to upgrade their older Intel MacBook. 

Fitbit Versa 3

(Image credit: Fitbit)

Fitbit Versa 3: was $229.95, now $131.19 (opens in new tab)

If an Apple Watch is still a bit rich for you, but you’re still hankering for a fitness buddy on your wrist, try the Fitbit route. The Fitbit Versa 3 is a great option, with built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, calorie and step tracking, plus media playback control from the likes of Spotify. It’s not as advanced as an Apple Watch, but if your interests are purely fitness based, it might be a great, cheaper alternative for you.

Apple Watch Series 8 hero

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple Watch deals have been the star of the show (opens in new tab) so far at the Prime Early Access sale — who knew the Series 8 would get a discount so soon after release, knocking $50 off the asking price! If you want a quick look at the best offers we’ve seen so far in one place, check out the links below:

Jabra headset

(Image credit: Jabra)

Jabra Evolve2 65 MS Wireless Headset with Link380a $263 now $168 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Not the most exciting item on the list today, but a very useful one for the home office, and with a cracking saving to be made. Jabra’s Evolve2 65 MS Wireless headset  is purpose built for crystal clear Teams or Zoom calls, and will ensure you don’t miss a word — nor are misheard — during important work meetings. Wireless with a boom mic and optional USB-A and USB-C connections, it’ll get the job done. If you’ve a bit more money to spare, try the Evolve2 75 MS Wireless Headset (opens in new tab), which offers noise cancelling at a reduced price of $268, down from $384 (opens in new tab).

Razer Kishi

(Image credit: Razer)

Razer Kishi Mobile controller for iPhone: $45 $99 at Amazon

Half price on the best iPhone controller that money can buy? You don’t have to tell us twice. The Razer Kishi is perfect for gaming on your iPhone, be it on the App Store, Apple Arcade, or of course cloud gaming on Xbox and beyond. The Kishi scored extremely well in our Razer Kishi Review thanks to its responsive, clicky buttons, great design, Made for iPhone charging, and more. 

Bose QC45

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Bose QC45: $329 $229 at Amazon

Still not had enough of the Prime Day deals? Good, because we certainly haven’t. Here’s a pair of some of the best noise-canceling headphones from audio giants Bose. The QC45s are a little more understated than the competition and, unlike many others, come with buttons on the earcups. Hear that headphone manufacturers? BUTTONS. Not touch controls.

This deal sees them at their lowest price ever, so you’re getting one of the best deals out there with this one – you’ll save around $100.

iPad Air 5

(Image credit: Apple)

Apple iPad Air (5th gen): $599 $518 at Amazon

First out of the blocks in terms of top Apple deals today from the Prime Early Access sale is this offer on an iPad Air 5th generation — that’s a 2022 model (opens in new tab), so still very new despite the discount on offer.

It’s down from $599 to just $518.99, an $80 / 13% saving. (opens in new tab)

It’s the entry level model, but its specs are still pretty decent. A Wi-Fi and 64GB configuration, the 10.9-inch tablet is rocking the same M1 chipset you’d find in the current top-end iPad Pro models, and has only been surpassed by this year’s MacBook chipsets. It’s a very powerful tablet indeed (opens in new tab), meaning you can get some real work done on it (provided the storage limitations don’t sting too much). Well worth a look.

Tim Cook cash

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Right, with those excesses out of the way, what have we got in terms of Apple goodies today?

Zotac RTX 3090 OC

(Image credit: Zotac)

Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity OC 24GB: $1,182 $869.99 at Amazon

While we’re talking luxury, if you’re a gamer (and we’re not talking Apple Arcade here) that’s been on the hunt for a GPU through the card drought, you’ll be pleased to see the still-excellent 3xxx series from Nvidia is finally purchasable without much effort — and now even sold at a discount! Yes that’s because the 4xxx series has now reared its head, but the 3090 cards are still ridiculously powerful (opens in new tab).

This overclocked RTX 3090 (opens in new tab), made by Nvidia partner Zotac, will see you hitting high frame rates at 4K in even demanding games like Cyberpunk 2077, and currently has $300 knocked off (opens in new tab)its asking price, bringing it down to a palatable $869.99 (opens in new tab).

A high-end graphics card for the discerning PC gamer, this Zotac RTX 3090 has finally hit an almost affordable price point. It’s at least $100 cheaper than we’ve seen it in recent months, and would be an excellent heart for a 4K-stomping gaming rig.

The Frame TV

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung 85-Inch Class The Frame QLED LS03B 4K TV: $4,495 $3,497 at Amazon

So let’s kick things off with a real treat today. If you fancy yourself as a TV addict… why not take a wall out of your house and squeeze a giant 85-inch set in? You can save almost $1000 on this Samsung QLED 4K TV (opens in new tab), bringing its price down to $3,497 (opens in new tab) and making it almost (almost!) affordable. Go on, live a little…

Samsung’s The Frame TV line comes with an Art Mode and matte display showing works of art when it’s not on to better blend in with the decor of your home. Important, seeing as this 85-inch set is otherwise just going to be a black slab against your wall when off otherwise! But with QLED tech and a 4K resolution, it should shine when beaming out Apple TV Plus movies and shows.

Well, we say final day, but very often these Amazon deal events hang over for several days as retailers try to shift a little more outgoing stock before new lines come in. But expect the best of the offers to dry up today for sure.

The Dark Knight

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Ready for day two, folks? Gerald Lynch back here for some more deal hunting as the Amazon Prime Early Access sale rolls into its final day…

(Image credit: Stephen Warwick / iMore)

Stainless Steel Apple Watch Series 7 [GPS + Cellular 45mm]: $749 $620 at Amazon

Let’s be honest, the difference between the Apple Watch Series 8 and last year’s Apple Watch Series 7 is very minimal. So minimal in fact, that taken the opportunity to buy the Stainless Steel finish on a Apple Watch Series 7 for the Prime Day sale is the best idea.

This is the perfect deal for people who were thinking of getting the Apple Watch Series 8 in the stainless steel finish, because the Series 7 is just as good as the Series 8. You will miss out on crash detection and the new temperature sensor, but that’s it. Everything else the Series 7 will handle just fine. So save yourself some money, and treat yourself to that beautiful and durable stainless steel finish.


(Image credit: Future)

LG C2 OLED (55-inch): $1,799 $1,347 at Amazon

The LG C2 OLED is the best TV money can buy, offering the best picture quality you can get for your home theater. Plus, it’s an amazing Tv to hook up your favorite gaming system because of its low input lag and 4K at 120FPS support.

Honestly, we don’t even have much to say about this deal — it’s just that amazing. 

(Image credit: Future)

Satechi Slim X2: $79 $61 at Amazon

Nobody knows the woes of using Apple’s Magic Keyboard for Mac better than we here at iMore. It still charges via Lightning, the keys are a  little mushy, and the standard one doesn’t even come with a number pad. This Prime Day, don’t settle for the Magic Keyboard get the Satechi Slim X2 for over 20% off at Amazon (opens in new tab).

With a full numeric keypad, great typing feel, fantastic battery life, and wonderful aesthetic, the Satechi Slim X2 for Mac is an excellent keyboard for people who aren’t happy with the butterfly-switch keyboard on their MacBook or the compact design of the Magic Keyboard. It’s fully backlit with 10 different brightness settings, so you can always see what keys you’re hitting. Plus, being able to be connected to four devices at once and easily switch with just the hit of a button is perfect for using the keyboard with all your Apple devices.

Anker MagGo

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Anker 622 MagGo: $59 $47 at Amazon

Keeping your iPhone juiced up is important and with MagSafe on the latest iPhones, it’s never been easy to charge up your phone when it’s dying. Stop messing around with charging cables, dongles, and messy connections, get the Anker 622 MagGo for 20% off (opens in new tab), thanks to Amazon’s sale.

Our most significant critique of Anker’s MagGo 622 when we reviewed it was the fact that it’s priced a little higher than the competition, which is why this sale is perfect. If you want a well-designed, fast-charging power bank that works with MagSafe, Anker’s MagGo 622 is a top choice. Plus, the integrated kickstand sets it apart from the rest.

(Image credit: Karen S. Freeman / iMore)

Did you recently upgrade your iPhone? That probably means you’re looking for a new case. A case is an excellent investment to keep your iPhone looking fresh, but it’s one of the best ways to protect your phone from scratches and dings.

There’s no reason to be without a case when Otterbox, LifeProof, and Casetify are discounting their cases for the Amazon Prime Early Access sale. Save big money now, and then save your iPhone from damage later. 

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Garmin Fenix 6: $599 $398 at Amazon

Don’t buy an $800 Apple Watch Ultra when you can get this Garmin Smartwatch for half the price. With built-in sports tracking like Swimming, biking, running, hiking, and much more, Garmin is known for being one of the best intelligent sport watch makers. Plus, well the Apple Watch Ultra boasts multi-day battery life; the 14-day-battery life of the Garmin Fenix 6 blows it out of the water.

Even though Garmin’s got fitness top of mind, the Fenix 6 still features the ability to answer calls, texts, and other notifications.  You can even pay on the go with the Fenix 6, so you don’t have to take out your wallet when you’re on the move. 

Arlo Video Doorbell on brick wall outside door.

(Image credit: Christopher Close / iMore)

Arlo Video Doorbell: $119 $99 at Amazon

Beefing up your home security is always a good idea, and you can easily do so by utilizing Homekit. A great place to start is a video doorbell which will allow you to see and record who comes to your door.

The Arlo Video Doorbell is on sale for only $99, records excellent video quality, and is Homekit compatible. It’s the perfect doorbell to use in your Apple smart home.

The Arlo Video Doorbell captures the action outside of the home with HD-quality visuals at a maximum resolution of 1536 x 1536. Arlo’s unique square resolution, labeled as 1:1 by the company, trades a more common wider field of view for the ability to better see the ground (and packages) in front of it. The doorbell also supports HDR, utilizes infrared for night vision, and has a motion sensor that spans 110 degrees horizontally. An onboard microphone and speaker allow for 2-way audio; for security, the speaker can play a series of siren tones on demand. It’s a great way to make your home a little more secure. 

Razer Kishi

(Image credit: Razer)

Razer Kishi Mobile Controller for iPhone: $99.99 $44.99 at Amazon

Your iPhone isn’t just a device to call and text; it’s often the best gaming platform you have in your pocket. The newest iPhones have incredibly powerful chips and beautiful displays that make playing your favorite mobile games really shine. But you can make your gaming experience even better with the Razer Kishi.

The  Razer Kishi is a compact, portable gamepad for your iPhone that converts it into a Switch-like gaming experience. The build quality is solid, and the buttons provide great feedback with zero latency. It works with any game that can use compatible MFi controllers, and there is a Lightning port for passthrough charging, meaning you never have to let your iPhone die in the middle of a game session.

AirPods Max, Bose 700, and Sony WH-1000xM5

(Image credit: Future)

Incredible deals are available right now on AirPods Max, Bose Noise-cancelling 700, and Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones. That means there’s never been a better time to buy noise-canceling headphones (opens in new tab).

AirPods Max are the incredibly beautiful over-the-ear Apple cans that offer all the great Apple magic you expect, with excellent sound.

AirPods Max only $479 (opens in new tab)

Sony’s WH-1000XM5 is often touted as the very best in sound quality when it comes to wireless noise-canceling headphones — and this is their first major sale!

Sony WH-1000XM5 only $348 (opens in new tab)

The Bose Noise-Cancelling 700 have never been at a lower price, and the wonderfully balanced sound they provide compliments all types of music.

Bose Noise-Cancelling 700 only $269 (opens in new tab)

Arzopa external monitor

(Image credit: Future)

Arzopa 15-inch portable monitor: $189 $119 at Amazon

Need an external monitor for your Mac on the move? Look no further than these options from Arzopa. Available in a range of sizes including 13, 15, and 17 inches, these full HD monitors are plug-and-play, offering great color and an extension to your workspace even if you need to travel. Prices start from just $133 for a 15-inch version.

Kim Kardashian Beats Fit Pro

(Image credit: Apple)

Beats X Kim Kardashian Beats Fit Pro: $199 $179 at Amazon

Kim Kardashian’s Beats Fit Pro collaboration has proven extremely popular since it was launched a couple of months ago, selling out almost everywhere. Right now on Amazon though they are not only in stock but also discounted, down from $199 to just $179!

Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro 12.9-inch

(Image credit: Future)

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Pro 12.9: $229 $169 at Amazon

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is fantastic, but it’s also very expensive. Right now you can swipe this fabulous Logitech alternative for just $169 instead of $229. 

It is one of the best keyboard cases for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro that money can buy, with backlit keys, function keys, a trackpad, and more. 


(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

There are some tremendous deals to be had on premium audio from Sennheiser right now. Including 50% off Sennheiser’s Momentum 2 Wireless earbuds, now just $149. 

Sennheiser’s HD 350BT over-ear headphones don’t offer noise-canceling but sound absolutely excellent for just $70. 

Sennheiser’s premium HD 660S open-back headphones are also down to just $299, a massive saving on the usual $499 price tag. 

iPad Mini 6

(Image credit: iMore)

Not an Amazon Prime member but don’t want to miss out on the deals? Anyone can get a whopping $100 off the iPad mini on Amazon right now, a fantastic price starting at just $399. The device is only a year old and comes with a great processor, awesome display, Touch ID, a 12MP camera, and more. 

iPad mini from $399.

iPad 9th-gen

(Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / Future)

The iPad 9 is due for an upgrade, but it remains the best and cheapest way to enter Apple’s tablet world and the ecosystem. With the beloved Touch ID and Home Button design and a headphone jack, the tablet is perfect for kids and learning, the elderly, or anyone in between who just wants a cheap way to watch movies and surf the web. 

Right now it is down to its lowest price ever of just $269. 

iPad 2021 hero image

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

iPad 10.2-inch: $329 $269 at Amazon

There’s a pretty solid deal on the 10.2-inch iPad at the moment, with a nice $60 off full price. That’s the lowest price we’ve ever seen the tablet and one we’re not sure you’ll see again for a while yet.

The base model iPad is certainly no slouch – an A15 Bionic chip will keep the tablet speedy for some time to come, along with a colorful and pin-sharp Retina display to ensure your content looks fantastic. The camera on the back is good enough for everyday use, and the front camera is perfect for facetime. 

It’s got everything you need in a tablet, like full AppStore support, but also some extras like Touch ID and Apple Pencil support. It’s not super expensive at the best of times, but at the moment, you’ll save a chunk in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. There are discounts on the whole range, with savings of up to $60 if you want a cellular version or some more storage.

HomeKit smart home deals

Got a space-age Jetsons house packed to the rafters with web-connected gadgetry? Want to automate it even further? There’s a bunch of excellent Siri-powered smart home HomeKit stuff to pick up from the Amazon sale today. Check out our top picks below, from cameras to light strips:

Kim Kardashian x Beats Fit Pro collab

(Image credit: Apple)

Beats X Kim Kardashian Beats Fit Pro: $199 $179 at Amazon

We’ve got a lot of love for this Kim Kardashian Beats Fit Pro collaboration (opens in new tab), giving a nude-look for skin tones not regularly supported in wearable gadgetry. With a significant $20 saving (opens in new tab) (and these buds regularly selling out), this is a great chance to pick up some excellent-sounding earbuds.

Kim Kardashian isn’t particularly well known for making anything that sounds like, well, anything, so these really came out of nowhere. They do sound good, however, because they’re modern Beats, and the new skin tone colors are great for people who want their Beats to blend in when they wear them at the gym. They are well known for selling out, so get them quick to avoid disappointment.


(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Save big on Beats with these massive discounts on Apple’s Beats Studio 3 and Beats Fit Pro headphones. Studio 3 might be a bit on the older side, but they still retail for $350, right now however you can score them for just $170. 

Elsewhere, the Beats Fit Pro, a fantastic alternative to Apple’s AirPods Pro are just $149 at Amazon instead of $199

The brilliant Beats Studio Buds are also down to just $99 instead of $150. 

Apple TV 4K

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Apple TV 4K: $179 $109 at Amazon

With no major upgrades on the horizon, there has never been a better time to snag the Apple TV 4K 2021 than right now in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale. You can get a whopping 39% off both the 32GB and 64GB models (opens in new tab). That means prices of just $109 (opens in new tab) and $129 respectively (opens in new tab)

That’s a staggering $70 off and makes the Apple TV a no brainer as the hub of your home entertainment system. In our Apple TV 4K review we absolutely loved the device thanks to its sleek new remote and great capability, but its hefty price tag made it a difficult upgrade to justify for many users. At this Prime Day Early Access Price however, it is simply too good to miss. 

AirPods Pro 2

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

AirPods Pro 2: $249 $234 at Amazon

Here’s another shock price drop — we only reviewed them a couple of weeks back, but the fresh-off-the-production line, brand new AirPods Pro 2 are now reduced to a new low of $234 (opens in new tab), knocking $15 off the asking price (opens in new tab). It’s a small saving, but the biggest we’ve seen yet on the brand new product, so definitely the way to go if you’re thinking about purchasing them.

This may not be one of the biggest discounts in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale, but it is one of the most surprising. This $15 discount brings the AirPods Pro 2 down to their lowest price ever, which considering how little time they’ve been out for is no mean feat. The AirPods Pro 2 brought some nice improvements to the table over their predecessors – improved noise canceling and better battery life to name but a few. We loved them in our review – and we think you will too. Save $15 in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale.

Apple Watch Series 8

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

Apple Watch Series 8: $399 $349 at Amazon

For those that missed it yesterday, the the all-new Apple Watch Series 8 (opens in new tab) deal is still going strong! Despite only going on sale a couple of weeks ago, there’s already a $50 saving (opens in new tab) to be had, bringing the price down from $399 to a much more palatable $349 (opens in new tab).

Going live yesterday, we wouldn’t have been surprised to see this deal sell out already, so it’s worth diving on now if you’re tempted, it’s unlikely to last for very long.

MacBook Air M1

(Image credit: Future/ iMore)

MacBook Air M1 | $999 now $799 at Amazon

Just take this MacBook Air M1 deal currently running at Amazon’s sale — it’s a bargain! Yes, this year’s M2 MacBook Air is superior for a number of reasons (let our M2 MacBook Air review refresh you on why), but it’s literally hundreds of dollars more, for marginal performance gains. If you want a MacBook on a budget, this is a great place to start.

The perfect MacBook for everyone, the MacBook Air M1 packs in some great features for an excellent price. The Retina display is still incredible, and the M1 chip continues to show just how strong Apple silicon is. The keyboard is nice and clicky, and the thin aluminum shell makes it eminently skippable into most bags and backpacks. This new price in the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale it is now cheaper than its been all year, matching last years Black Friday price. This could be the last time that the laptop is included in a sale like this, and we can’t see it getting any cheaper than it is now.

Scrooge McDuck

(Image credit: Disney)

Even if Amazon wrapped up the sale at this early point in the day, it’d already be a much, much better offering for Apple fans than what was on sale back in the summer. Our own Bryan Wolfe lamented just how bad this summer’s original Amazon Prime Sale was for Apple fans (opens in new tab) in this great post. Thankfully, we’re seeing much more joy from this pre-Black Friday deals showcase.

Western Digital deal

(Image credit: Western Digital)

WD 6TB Elements Desktop Drive + 4TB My Passport Portable Drive: $449.99 $219.98 at Amazon

One of the most expensive upgrades you can make at the point of purchase with a new MacBook is storage space — Apple charges a premium for its built-in SSD upgrades, and it’s a near impossible job to increase it later on. So getting some extra external space for your MacBook is a must  — and this Prime Early Access sale offer on a Western Digital drive double whammy is a steal.

Combining two top-quality Western Digital drives in the form of the Elements Desktop and Passport Portable, this bundle offers 6TB and 4TB respectively for a 10TB total of USB 3.0 storage satisfaction. That’s a saving of almost $230 against the usual combined price for both devices, and comes with the peace of mind that the Western Digital brand brings with it, given it’s going to be storing your precious files, photos and documents.

Soundbar sale

JBL soundbar on a coloured background

(Image credit: JBL)

…and we’re off! The Prime Early Access sale has now officially kicked into gear, and we’re starting to see the big savings land for gadgets across Amazon’s inventory. First up for the day is a treat for those Apple TV fans, as JBL is hugely discounting some very sweet sounding soundbars for the sale, putting some Dolby Atmos boom into your TV Plus viewing sessions — or any other streaming service for that matter.


(Image credit: MobVoi)

TicWatch Pro 3 GPS: $299 $165 at Amazon

A few hours break for some dinner and gig tickets to see this guy (opens in new tab)… and I’m back! And this time with an Apple Watch alternative. We’ve already seen an unlikely Apple Watch Series 8 deal (opens in new tab) just weeks after its release… but what about a different flavor of smartwatch?

Ahead of the proper kick-off of the Amazon Prime Early Access sale, you can pick up the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS for just $164.99 (opens in new tab) – knocking $135 off the asking price. That’s down from $299.99, so nearly a 50% saving on this wearable.

Making use of a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor and powered by Wear OS, it has an “Essential” power mode that’ll give you 45 days worth of power on a single charge – sure, it’ll knock some of the smart features online, but if you’re planning to go off-grid with a smartwatch, that’s an amazing feat without a battery top-up.

For this deal, just make sure you hit that “Apply Coupon” button on the listing, as that’s what triggers the discount.

Echo Dot

(Image credit: Amazon)

Echo Dot: $49 $25 at Amazon

Not a fan of Apple’s HomePod Mini? Amazon’s Alexa is arguably the better voice assistant, compared to Siri at least, making this an attractive offer on an Echo Dot (opens in new tab).

It’s the 4th generation unit, which usually sells for $49.99, but has a giant 50% off (opens in new tab) for the Prime Early Access sale, meaning you can pick up an Echo Dot today for just $24.99 (opens in new tab).

It makes for an excellent smart home controller, letting you ask the voice assistant to playback tunes from services like Spotify, switch on and off lights around your home, adjust thermostats, set timers and much more. At $24.99 it’s worth a punt, and is only lacking the 5th generation model’s front-facing LED clock. It’s a bargain (opens in new tab).

eReader excellence: Great Kindle deals

Kindle Paperwhite

(Image credit: Amazon)

Kindle Paperwhite: $139 $99 at Amazon

It wouldn’t be an Amazon sale without some Kindle eReader sales, and there’s already a good offer on the Kindle Paperwhite to be had ahead of the full kick-off for the event.

You can pick up the Kindle Paperwhite for just $99.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab), saving you $40 off its usual $139.99 asking price. While it won’t offer the same rich media experience that a color-touchscreen iPad will, Kindle’s are admittedly the superior reading experience thanks to their e-Ink screens which are much easier on the eye. Complete with a backlight and waterproofing, it’s a great way to wile away a few hours with your favorite novels. If this one isn’t to your liking, check out the full Kindle sale range (opens in new tab) — there are many offers to choose from.

Nintendo Switch OLED

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Ninendo Switch OLED White: $339 $297 at Amazon

We love some Nintendo action here at iMore, and while the Nintendo Switch 2 and / or Pro is nowhere to be seen, that latest Nintendo Switch OLED is still a rather tasty handheld thanks to its cracking 7-inch screen and improved battery life.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to pick one up, there’s a good offer on as part of the Amazon Prime Day Early Access sale. 

You can pick up the Nintendo Switch OLED for $297.66 — a 12% / $42.24 saving (opens in new tab) over its usual $339.90 RRP price. That includes the latest LAN-supporting dock, in a sleek white finish.

It’s a pity there’s not a game thrown in too, but for the latest build of Nintendo’s console, that’s a pretty darn good price.

Not a bad first start for Apple products, considering the sale event doesn’t officially kick off until tomorrow. But what about a little further afield? 

Apple USB-C charger 30W

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Apple 30W USB-C charger: $49 $35.99 at Amazon

OK, no pretending a charger is the most exciting of Apple products — but if you’ve got no juice, you’ve got no gadget, right?

So if you’re on the hunt for a replacement (or spare) USB-C charger for your devices, you can save a not-insignificant $13 bucks off the Apple 30W USB-C charger (opens in new tab) over at Amazon right now, where it’s been reduced down from $49 to $35.99 (opens in new tab). Should work nicely with a last-gen M1 MacBook Air or iPad Pro.

Apple Watch Series 8 as part of the Amazon Early Access sale deals event

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Apple Watch Series 8: $399 $349 at Amazon

Next up, an unlikely entry into the list from the all-new Apple Watch Series 8 (opens in new tab)! It’s only been available to purchase for a few weeks, so we weren’t expecting to see anything at all for Apple’s latest smartwatch line up. But here we are!

You’re looking at the GPS-only version of the Apple Watch in Midnight aluminum (with Midnight sports band), at the 41mm size. But that’s on sale with a $50 saving (opens in new tab), bringing the price down from $399 to a much more palatable $349 (opens in new tab).

Don’t expect to see this brand-new smartwatch reduced by much more than that for the rest of the year.

Amazon deals: iPhone deals

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

(Image credit: Apple)

While the general sale items slowly start to roll in, why not consider taking a look at our bang-up-to-date iPhone deals, with some top offers on iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro:

Apple AirPods 2

(Image credit: Apple)

AirPods 2: $159 $89 at Amazon

And we’re off! Gerald Lynch, Editor in Chief of iMore, sitting in front of his banker’s lamp with calculator in hand, digging for the best offers from the Prime Early Access deals sale.

A nice start for audio fans up first. Want to get your hands on (or ears… with?)  a pair of AirPods 2? You can make gigantic 43% saving (opens in new tab) off the usual RRP on Apple’s in-ear wireless earphones, with the AirPods 2 down to just $89.99 (opens in new tab) – a huge chunk off the usual $159 asking price.

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