Activists’ martyr marches ignore innocent victims


The professional activists within our country portray themselves as being compassionate to the plight of the unfortunate while seeking to shine a light on the invisible victims who routinely go unseen. Leftist organizations like Black Lives Matter march fervently down streets across America while rhythmically chanting the name of someone who they believe deserves to be seen.

But if any of this were true, how come they are consistently wrong about who the victims are? It’s because their purpose isn’t really to place a spotlight on those who are truly deserving of our empathy but to manufacture a martyr.

In reaction to the police shooting of Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, who was shot dead by the Minneapolis Police Department’s snipers after a six-hour standoff, Black Lives Matter activists came in direct contact with one of the victims they continually ignore, Arabella Foss-Yarbrough.

Foss-Yarbrough and her children had narrowly avoided being shot through the walls of her apartment by Sundberg and was the one who contacted the police in fear for her and her children’s lives.

Arabella Foss-Yarbrough
Foss-Yarbrough and her children were the real victims in the tragic incident.
Bullet holes posted by Cassandra Sherie Yarbrough
Sundberg allegedly fired shots into Yarbrough’s apartment as she was cooking for her two young children.

Foss-Yarbrough mercilessly pleaded for them to have compassion for her family by recognizing Andrew’s role in placing them in harm’s way. Instead, they were furious she had interrupted their ritual for Sundberg’s martyrdom. One coward even yelled, “You’re alive, shut up!” as a mother pleaded for them to leave for the sake of her children.

Shifting narratives

The purpose of Black Lives Matter is to use any ambiguous situation involving someone who is black and the police to make systemic arguments, which absolves the individual of any accountability prior to their encounter. From their perspective, it doesn’t matter that Andrew Sundberg nearly killed multiple people with his actions, it only matters that he was killed by representatives of a system.

Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg
Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, was shot dead by the Minneapolis Police Department.

Dead black martyrs allow for Black Lives Matter to ritualize their existence and reframe their tragic ending as being victims of an oppressive system instead of, in many cases, aggressors against the wholly innocent.

Victims don’t contribute to their own demise, because victims are supposed to be wholly innocent; Sundberg wasn’t. Sundberg’s death is a tragedy, but a tragedy partly of his own contribution. You can hold law enforcement accountable without trampling the voices of the wholly innocent.

No rational-minded person will argue that black lives don’t matter, but what has become clear is that BLM doesn’t believe innocent lives matter. If they did, they wouldn’t march for the life of the man who nearly killed Arabella and her children literally outside her doorstep. They wouldn’t berate her for being emotionally disturbed at the gall of strangers who would easily discard her anguish for her children’s trauma.

Marcia Howard, activist and George Floyd Square caretaker, right, takes a moment as she lights candles during a vigil for 20-year old Andrew Tekle Sundberg
Activists at a vigil for Sundberg, outside the apartment building where he was killed by Minneapolis Police.
AP/Aaron Lavinsky

As a parent, I could only imagine the level of rage I would possess being in her position as I’m confronting people who are celebrating someone who nearly harmed my children while simultaneously advising me to stay quiet. This movement has no decorum as it lusts for more power and influence through manufactured narrative.

Innocent Lives Matter — BLM activists may not believe so, but the rest of Americans do.

Adam B. Coleman is the author of “Black Victim to Black Victor” and founder of Wrong Speak Publishing.


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