A House Republican win can be a victory for free speech

Remember President Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board? It was so ridiculed that the administration quickly scaled it back and then shut it down. But beware. Biden is resorting to more secretive methods — a vast censorship operation in collusion with Silicon Valley — to tighten the screws on what Americans can say. All justified by phony FBI statistics claiming that domestic extremism is surging when it’s not.

A report Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee released Friday shows the deceptions the FBI is using to justify Biden’s speech police. The chilling brief documents, with whistleblower testimony, the FBI’s role in silencing the left’s opponents.

Republicans – who likely eked out a House majority Tuesday night — are vowing to unmask Biden’s censorship scheme and the FBI’s lies.

According to the report, federal officials in the White House, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and throughout the Biden administration have been meeting behind closed doors with Facebook, YouTube and other social-media executives to decide what to take down and whom to muzzle.

And that’s just for starters. To help the Biden administration identify and crack down on political critics, Facebook actually feeds the FBI a steady stream of private information about its users, per an agency whistleblower. Be careful what you post. You’re inviting the FBI into your life.

Jim Jordan is expected to become the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.
Jim Jordan is vowing to pursue a full investigation about the FBI’s censorship.

The Republican report declares the FBI is “rotted at its core.”

It alleges the FBI and Facebook have a “special” two-way relationship. On the one hand, Facebook hosts a portal through which government officials only can send emails to the company flagging content they want suppressed. On the other hand, Facebook tips off the FBI about users, providing information the agency would otherwise not be able to get without jumping through legal hoops.

To justify this heavy-handed monitoring of Americans, the agency is “artificially padding domestic violent extremism statistics by pressuring agents to reclassify investigations.” The Biden administration is claiming domestic violence is increasing “significantly” when it’s not. And the agency is creating “a misleading narrative that domestic terrorism is organically surging around the country.”

Tuesday’s victories will put the GOP in charge of the House Judiciary Committee with subpoena power. The incoming committee chairman, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), is vowing to pursue a full investigation. Not a minute too soon. As Jordan’s report reminds us, “the FBI has the power quite literally to ruin a person’s life.”

Biden has also turned the Department of Homeland Security into “a taxpayer-funded censorship campaign,” according to a Nov. 3 letter from the House Oversight Committee’s Republican members to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The letter says DHS is targeting “political speech unfavorable to the administration, especially around the handling of COVID-19 policy.”

Joe Biden
The Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general are suing the Biden administration for censorship.

DHS’s strategy for the coming years, contained in its draft “Quadrennial Homeland Security Review,” includes suppressing “inaccurate information” on topics from the origins of COVID-19 to the war in Ukraine. It’s the Disinformation Governance Board with more power.

You thought DHS was about protecting Americans. Under Biden, DHS is being commandeered to muzzle half of us.

The Louisiana and Missouri attorneys general are suing the Biden administration for censorship, naming at least 67 Biden officials as defendants involved in the collusion with Facebook, YouTube and, until recently, Twitter.

The GOP takeover of the House will move the action from the courtroom to Congress, as Republicans assume charge of the House Oversight Committee and turn its spotlight on this covert censorship scheme.

You don’t have to be a conservative or even follow politics to be harmed by the left’s speech police.

Parents debating whether to mask or vaccinate their children against COVID want information. They’re injured when the Internet removes scientific views that challenge the administration’s claims.

When Beijing residents protested COVID lockdowns and demanded an end to mass testing, the Chinese Communist Party erased every trace of the incident from the Internet. That’s how it’s done in China, a despotic regime. Americans don’t want their country to be like China.

In the days before the election, Biden claimed democracy was “on the ballot.” The truth —democracy was at stake. Victorious Republicans now need to tear down the left’s censorship operation and clean out the FBI. 

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York.

Twitter: @Betsy_McCaughey

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