7 best upcoming iOS games we’re excited for in 2022


Sometimes it’s tough being a mobile gamer. For one, iOS games are seen as a casual counterweight to what’s happening on consoles, despite major funding and lengthy development processes. It’s also tough to recommend someone whip our their phone to play a video game instead of doom scrolling social media feeds. But the biggest bummer? Never knowing when anything is releasing.

It’s hard to keep track of upcoming iOS games if a title isn’t listed on Apple Arcade. Worse: most major mobile games are shrouded in rumors, vague tweets, leaks, and trailers that refuse to even list a targeted release year. After a game like, say, Skate 4 gets announced for mobile devices, publishers often go quiet as it continues testing, tinkering, and development, while fans end up waiting months for a follow-up announcement before it fades into memory. Just look to Tomb Raider Reloaded, Metal Slug: Awakening, Warframe Mobile, and the recently announced The Division Resurgence for a few examples of this phenomenon. 


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