6 ways to improve the sound of your AirPods

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in a lot of ways, the sound quality on Bluetooth headphones can be like that, too. Some people like the bass-pumping, while others may prefer something a little more tuned to the higher tones. There isn’t really a one-size-fits-all approach to sound.

You’ve likely heard that AirPods — regardless of what type you have — will always sound the way they sound no matter what you do. I’m here to tell you that’s wrong. While it’s true that AirPods don’t have a specific app to adjust EQ levels or the sound profile, Apple has added quite a few ways to tweak the way your AirPods sound.

So whether you have the AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max, here are some ways you can improve the sound. 

1. Adjust the EQ of Apple Music (or other apps)

One of the easiest ways to adjust how your tunes sound to your ears is by changing the EQ of Apple Music or your preferred music streaming app.

On your best iPhone or iPad, Apple Music offers many different EQ modes to choose from, like Bass Booster, Loudness, and Small Speakers, which are all meant to adjust the sound to a specific sound profile. Plus, Apple also offers you options to adjust the EQ for genres of music like Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Latin, and more.

So adjust your EQ settings (opens in new tab) on your favorite music app and see what sounds best to your ears.

2. Change the Audio Quality of Apple Music (or other apps)

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Just last year, Apple introduced Dolby Atmos and Lossless Audio to a ton of tracks across Apple Music, with no additional cost to its subscription price. While AirPods — not even AirPods Max (opens in new tab) — can’t deliver full Lossless Audio, they can get you Dolby Atmos. Ensure your audio settings are adjusted to turn on Dolby Atmos (opens in new tab) when available.

On top of that, you can also ensure that Apple Music’s audio quality is as high as it can be even when you’re using data and not Wi-Fi to stream. Here’s how to ensure you have the best quality your AirPods can offer. 

How to adjust Apple Music audio quality on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch Settings from your Home screen.
  2. Tap Music.
  3. Tap Audio Quality

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  1. Tap Cellular Streaming.
  2. Tap High Quality

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Just remember this option will require more data to stream music, so be careful if you have data limits.

3. Use the Ear Tip Fit Test

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Getting the silicone ear tips for the AirPods Pro (opens in new tab) to fit correctly is crucial to making your AirPods Pro sound good. Luckily, Apple has thrown in three different sizes of silicone ear tips you can install to help ensure you can get a good seal in your ear.
With those silicone ear tips, you can use Apple’s Ear Tip Fit test (opens in new tab) to check if your AirPods Pro are fitting just right.

This should give you a better idea of which sized ear tips you should be using, and don’t be too surprised if it suggests trying different sizes for each bud — it can happen!

4. Disable or enable Spatial Audio Head Tracking

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