4th of July Macbook Pro deals are live: save up to $250


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Any saving on a MacBook is one that should perk your ears up – particularly when it’s as big as $250. The MacBook Pro M1 now starts at $1050 at BestBuy this July 4, and given it’s now the outgoing model prices might only last as long as stock levels do.

There’s also some terrific offers on last years MacBook Pro 2021, equipped with the M1 Pro and Max. While not the lowest price the model has seen, it equals other deals that have been on the machine.

$250 off

Macbook 2020 Prod

MacBook Pro M1

What is now effectively last year’s model, the MacBook Pro M1 is still an excellent performer. It’s got the same impeccable build quality as the newer model, as well as the same Retina display. The base 256GB model is now $1050, while the slightly bigger 512GB version is $1250.

MacBook Pro 2020 $250 off

The M1 MacBook Pro may not be Apple’s most recent MacBook, but it is still an incredible option for those looking for a more powerful MacBook. The Liquid Retina screen is exactly the same as the newest model, and the 16-hour battery will keep you going for a long time.

While it’s not as impressive as M2, the previous version of Apple silicon, M1, keeps up with modern computing just fine. It’s quick enough for most applications, including light video editing and photo editing, and its’ extremely fast RAM makes multitasking a doddle.

Macbook Pro M1 Ports

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It’s not perfect – the two thunderbolt USB-C ports on the side are fast, but once you’ve taken one up with the charging port you’ve only one port left for any peripherals you might want to hook up. Grabbing a USB dongle is something with any modern laptop you’ll have to be used to it anyway, but remembering to toss one in your bag should become second nature. Looking for the best MacBook Pro USB-C dongle? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, then B&H Photo has you covered – they’ve got $200 off the 2021 MacBook Pro line.

$200 off

Macbook Pro 14 Inch

MacBook Pro 2021

The MacBook Pro 2021 features the more powerful M1 Pro and Max chips, that rival those found in many desktop computers. B&H Photo has $200 off the entire range in both screen sizes, and numerous chip and storage options.

MacBook Pro 2021 up to $200 off

The 2021 MacBook Pro is a professional powerhouse. The M1 Pro and Max chips on board are incredibly powerful, munching through ultra high definition renders and enormous raw photo edits with ease, all while staying relatively cool.

MacBook Pro 2021 Magsafe

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The 14 and 16-inch Liquid Retina XDR display options are color accurate to professional standards, and the SSDs inside start the computer in milliseconds. While it’s got a great deal more ports than many laptops, it could still do with a couple more to make life a little easier when working on the go, and the very high price will put many off. On this last point, however, $200 off could go a long way in persuading you to take the plunge.

If you’re waiting until Prime Day before you get a MacBook Pro, then go check out MacBook Prime Day deals hub! Don’t forget to look at our Best MacBook Pro deals as well to keep up with the best deals as they happen.

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